Casino Heroes want to provide a whole new dimension to online gaming!

Not satisfied with the same old routine, if you sign up, you are always assured of something extra in their service and this extends to their Welcome Offers!

They have made it so you can select your own Welcome Offer for whatever suits your needs the most!

When you sign in, you can opt for either 300 Free Spins or €100 Cash Bonus, depending on what your gaming preference is.


You can then choose from a deposit of anywhere between €10 and €100 and with their very innovative Bonus Meter, you can work out what you will get for your cash.

If you opt for spins, you will get anywhere between 25-300 Free Spins, so that is plenty to get you off to a flying start on any of their close to 500 slots.

However, if you aren’t one for being committed to Spins, then you can also receive a 100% Match on your deposit up to €100 instead, which means you will be able to double your cash immediately!

That is a superb way to kick things off with the Heroes!

There is plenty more perks than just this and they have loads of other cool stuff, including a whole new element to online gaming that you won’t have experienced before.

An account with these guys, along with hundreds of slots, will gain you access to Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker and Live Casino options, as well as loads more Table games.

They also the have option to embark on your own adventure on the site and try something completely new!

You can choose to create an Avatar when you sign in, which can then be used in their Adventure option and via this, you can travel their land of Hero Island, beating bosses and winning prizes!  

It works parallel with their gaming option, so to get involved all you have to do is rack up play-time on their slots.

As you do this, your progress bar increases and you get the opportunity to fight a boss, whilst you fight him, you win great prizes and when you beat him you can advance onto the next region and progress further across the map and with this comes better prizes!

It is a super fun way to add a bit more spice to your gaming experience and it is unlike anything else you are likely to find, so it well worth having a go at!

With all this great stuff on offer, Casino Heroes is not only different to any other site out there, but it also shows that is has a commitment to providing a new level of gaming to its customers and make their gaming experience that much more memorable.

So get involved and start your very own adventure at Casino Heroes!

Welcome Bonus Breakdown

  • Sign Up to Casino Heroes
  • Choose your Avatar
  • Choose your Welcome Offer- either up to 300 Free Spins or up to €100 Bonus Cash
  • Start the Adventure and win loads more prizes, including Spins and Bonuses
  • T&Cs

Start your journey and become your very own hero at Casino Heroes!