Legendary Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Join Bethard Gaming Company as Partner

World-famous Swedish footballer, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has officially signed a partnership deal with Swedish-owned betting company, Bethard. 

The legendary sports star is renowned for his confidence and winning attitude both on and off the pitch, and rumour has it that it was precisely this same mentality that attracted him to Bethard. Established in 2009, Bethard is an online sports betting and casino platform that currently caters to players from the Nordic markets.

Proudly proclaiming itself as the place where ‘winners dare more’, Bethard chooses to focus on the fact that winning is all about daring and getting out of your comfort zone. The company is based in Malta and holds a license from the national regulator, the MGA. Apart from its casino platform, Bethard offers thousands of sports betting options for sporting events across the world as well as a virtual sports section too.

The partnership with Zlatan was announced earlier today by Bethard founder Erik Skarp, who also expressed his beliefs that this new alliance would mean greater things for the company. Bethard is committed to fostering an open and collaborative workspace which led to the brand taking away the  ‘Great Place to Work’ award at this year’s International Gaming Awards.

A Winning Mentality

Skarp revealed how the partnership came about as a result of a meeting between him and the star while he was recovering from a severe knee injury, which left him on the sidelines. The initial discussions led to the two forming a connection that would set the precedent for one of the best deals in online gaming history.

There was only one stand-out individual we considered to be the world’s biggest winner, who at the same time shares the story and the journey we see before us. One who dared take the challenge, and that was Zlatan”, Skarp continued.

Zlatan, however, is known for his difficult temperament, having turning down many previous partnership offers in the past. So how exactly did Bethard manage to seal the deal?

According to Skarp, the deal worked as it sparked an interest in Zlatan that went beyond financial gains;  “I believe it’s about the way we approached him, the Bethard way, the people, our mindset and our aspirations. That’s where I think we managed to create a mutual interest,” outlining that this identification between Zlatan and the Bethard brand is what made him accept the offer.

More than Just a Signature

The Bethard founder also stressed that this partnership would be “more than just a signature”, with big plans for the sports start to help develop the company to join the ranks of more successful industry players.

The future of the brand itself will also be less serious and, thanks to discussions with comedian and film director, Felix Herngren, will take on a more comical image. This will be a big change from its current image which exudes a tough and rough aura.

Bethard also plans to expand into the British and Danish markets in the near future.

Additionally, Skarp disclosed that the company would be using this partnership with Zlatan not just to boost its brand coverage but also to continue developing its commitment to high quality offerings, as the man himself would expect nothing less. “He is extremely committed to his own brand, which means we need to perform when working with him to create something great and I’m confident we can do this.” Skarp stated.

“Sports betting and winning is in our DNA, and that’s precisely what Zlatan wants to be associated with.” Meanwhile, the football legend has recently made a move from Manchester United to LA Galaxy and also relocated to the City of Angels.

Underneath Zlatan’s famous tongue in cheek confidence lies the powerful message. In order to become a champion, you have to truly believe you are one or will become one. This is also at the core of Bethard’s motto, and the two parties have high hopes about the future of the partnership.

Tuesday March 27, 2018 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.