A New Era Of Online Slots: Jumanji

NetEnt needs no introduction. They are one of the world’s best-known creators of online casino games. They design stunning graphics and immersive gameplay which leaves players always wanting more. Now, their prayers have been answered, with Jumanji. This game follows the release of the very popular movie, which is itself based on the original 1995 movie. Jumanji is the latest in a line of movie-themed slots by the creator.

Graphics & Sound

The game starts with the sounds of drums and the discovery of the boardgame in the sand. This follows the ending of the movie starring Robin Williams. The board opens and the slot game is revealed. Immediately, players will notice that the game is not the average online slot. There are 5 reels, but they are divided into a diamond shape. Around the reels, fans of the movie will see the actual board game. The game is full of creative animations, especially when bonus features activate. Players will quickly realize they have won big, with a fountain of gold coins animation.

Bonus Features

The game includes four bonus features which are randomly activated during gameplay. These are:

  • Monsoon Wild
  • Monkey Mayhem
  • Wild Stampede
  • Sticky Vines

Each of these bonus features reward players in a number of exciting ways. In Monsoon Wild, one or two reels become wild reels. Meanwhile, in Money Mayhem, those naughty monkeys shuffle the symbols on the reels to line up a win. In Wild Stampede, hippos run across the reels whilst they are spinning. This results in up to nine wild symbols being added to the reels, replacing existing symbols. Finally, in Sticky Vines, the player’s winning lineups are stuck by the vines, whilst the other symbols are spun until the winning line up is increased further.

The Minigame

When three or more Jumanji scatter symbols appear, the minigame opens. The player first picks his favorite piece to play and this is automatically put at the top of the board. Two dice than appear and depending on the result, the piece moves along the board. The number of times the dice are rolled depends on the number of scatter symbols the player gets. A number of prizes can be won during this minigame, including free spins, cash prizes and the unlocking of the Mystery Feature.

Overall Experience

Jumanji is a low to medium variance game, which means that players can play for longer. There are more frequent payouts, although of lesser value than in a high variance game. This is great for low ballers to enjoy all the features which this game has to offer. Thanks to randomly triggered bonuses, the player never really knows what will happen next. The entertainment value of the game is exceptional, and players can easily spend hours enjoying the game.


Thursday September 20, 2018 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.